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Steel Casting Inspection Standards

Inspection is a continuous operation at The Sawbrook Steel Castings Co.  Each casting is visually inspected by MSS-SP-55 and ASTM A802 standards.

Our Testing Methods Include:

Steel casting chemical analysis test barsChemical and Physical Analysis
Molten samples are poured from each heat for chemical analysis and physical property testing. These test bars are used to check the mechanical properties such as load and strength of the part. Precise chemical and physical properties are a necessity to ensure the castings will not fail in their intended application.










Steel casting spectrographic testingSpectrographic
Sawbrook uses state of the art spectrographic equipment for chemical analysis of all metals poured in the foundry. Molton samples are taken at various points during the melt process to determine the chemical composition of each heat we pour. This testing allows us to add the necessary alloys to the melt to meet the customers desired chemistry. 




Steel casing Charpy Impact and Tensile Strength Testing Charpy Impact and Tensile Strength Testing
Sawbrook verifies the physical property of the melt using tensile testing. When applicable, charpy impact testing can be performed. Charpy test entail striking a notched specimen  with a swinging pendulum at a series of temperatures to show relationship of ductile to brittle transition in absorbed energy.






Steel casting brinell hardness testingBrinell Hardness

Each heat treat lot is qualified by Brinell hardness testing to assure the castings meet the customers specifications.





Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant
MPI is used to find surface and near surface abnormalities. The inspection is performed using either dry or wet fluorescent particles. Sawbrook has level II MPI technicians on staff.  Liquid Penetrant is another NDT method at Sawbrook's disposal to detect surface breaking defects.






Ultrasonic Testing

UT testing is used to sonically detect subsurface nonconformances. Ultrasonic Testing (UT) uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations and can provide much more information about the hidden internal structure of both ferrous and nonferrous castings 



Steel casting x-ray analysisRadiographic
  Radiograph inspection is a technique used to help disclose internal casting defects which could adversely affect the strength of the casting.  We have several NDT houses in our area that we utilize for our customer requirements.


Dimensional Measurement
All new castings are inspected to ensure dimensional accuracy which will assure compliance with our customer's requirements.






Sawbrook Steel castings can also provide certifications for both chemical and physical properties and for all NDT testing shown above.