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Melting & Heat Treating

Sawbrook Steel melts with an electric arc furnace.  The electric arc furnace can produce a wide range of steels with maximum fluidity and excellent mechanical properties. Heat sizes range from 7500 pounds to 15,000 pounds. Alloys poured range from plain carbon steel to low/medium grades. Some of the most common alloys we pour are multiple grades of ASTM A27, ASTM A148 and ASTM A216. Please see our “materials poured” tab for a list of alloys poured.  

Sawbrook Steel offers spectrographic control of all its heat lots.. Precise chemistry testing and control of the alloy composition is done through emission spectrographic analysis of the melt and ladle chemistry.  Sawbrook Steel does a in-house metallurgical analysis and physical testing on every heat. Our steel foundry  offers customers physical and chemical certifications, in-house metallographic analysis, physical testing and metallurgical analysis as required. 

At Sawbrook Steel, we have the ability to heat treat our low carbon, low alloy steel castings. Our in-house heat treatment facility has three car-bottom batch furnaces and a 9,000 gallon water quench tank. Our methods of heat treatments include Stress Relieving, Annealing, Normalizing, Quench & Tempering, and Normalize & Tempering.  Our heat treat furnaces are programmable to provide proper heat treating and recording of temperature for each cycle ensuring your castings are shipped with the correct mechanical properties.