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The Ladle, September 1945

We are bringing you images this month from the September 1945  issue of Sawbrook's newsletter "The Ladle."  This issue comes very shortly after the conclusion of WWII.  

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ladle sept 1945 humor

Foam Pattern Process

One of Sawbrook's many capabilities is the creation and use of foam patterns.  Foam patterns are a great cost-saving option if a customer only needs one or two castings.  Here is an example of a recent foam pattern done at Sawbrook to replace an old part.

The old part...
1 old part

First, the new foam pattern is made...
2 foam pattern

Next, foundry rigging is applied to the pattern to ensure a sound casting...
3 pattern gate & riser

The pattern is then made into a mold...
4 pattern mold

And here is the finished casting!
5 finish new casting

The Ladle, March 1945

In March of 1945, Sawbrook Steel published the first edition of "The Ladle," a magazine by and for its employees both here and serving abroad in World War II. Below are some pages from that first edition. From the letter from the President of Sawbrook to the board at the foundry displaying names of Sawbrook employees serving oversees, we hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoy sharing it. We are proud of our rich history and our continued support of our employees and our country. Enjoy.


OSHA Safety Training

Pasted Graphic
This May 2012, 19 supervisors and lead personnel at Sawbrook have completed a comprehensive OSHA 30 hour class, taught by an OSHA certified trainer. In this 4-day class, topics included the scope and responsibilities of OSHA, Lockout Tagout, Confined Space, Hazardous Communication, the use of Personal Protection equipment, Fall Protection, Electrical Safety Practices, and a host of other essential safety subjects. Graduates of this class possess the highest standard of safety awareness currently recognized and certified by OSHA.

Safety of our personnel is of major importance to Sawbrook Steel and this class and the awareness it brings to our supervisors is a fundamental part of our safety program. We are proud of our safety accomplishments, and we have been recognized for two years running by the Steel Founders Society of America as one of the United States safest steel foundries.

Sawbrook Steel has also incorporated goals in its ISO 9000 objectives to continually monitor the success of our safety programs, and afford early detection of problem areas that might result in illness and injuries to our employees. Making steel castings is a true American heavy industry, but Sawbrook Steel is continually striving to ensure that heavy manufacturing does not necessarily imply an unsafe workplace, as is commonly imagined.

A New Backup Transformer

Sawbrook has gone to great lengths to purchase a back up transformer which will run our electric arc furnace if our current transformer malfunctions or ages. If something were to go wrong with a foundry's main transformer, it could take weeks or even months to purchase and install a replacement. With our customers' delivery needs in mind, we have purchased and relocated to our site this new transformer to ensure deliveries will not fall behind schedule, even in the extreme case of a full transformer failure.

Here are some shots of our new transformer being loaded in.


Sawbrook Pours its Largest Mold in its 89 Years of Business!

Here is a perfect example of what makes Sawbrook a leader in the metalcasting industry. Making this gear rack casting pushed Sawbrook's capabilities to new heights in molding, melting and blasting! The size of this casting was far larger than the average casting project, and in fact was dimensionally the largest casting ever poured in Sawbrook's foundry! Due to its incredible size, Sawbrook custom fabricated a flask from existing pieces to fit the extra large casting.

A Cannon in the Shop?

Most replica cannons that you see on display in museums and armories are made out of iron and the bore is sleeved with stainless steel.
Sawbrook was challenged to cast this cannon of solid steel, and the bore was machined and rifled. To ensure the integrity of the cannon, Sawbrook did solidification modeling to show how the steel would feed when being poured. After the cannon was poured and before it shipped, the cannon was ultrasonically tested to ensure soundness.

5 6
1 23 4

Sawbrook Awarded 2011 Recycling Award

Sawbrook was named the Interchange Business of the Year and awarded the 2011 Recycling Award for Hamilton County! Congratulations to all those employees at Sawbrook who continue to strive for a 'greener' steel industry.

Sawbrook Recycling Award