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Cores and Molds

Green Sand CastingGreen Sand Casting

Green sand undergoes a "mulling" process in which water and clay act like binders, and are blended with sand resulting in a compound mixture which is suitable for the green sand molding process.  The sand is rammed, compacted, and squeezed around a pattern by one of our green sand molding machines. 

Our green sand casting molding equipment consist of: 
Osborn Squeezer machines which hold flask sizes ranging from 12” x 12” to 18” x 18”. 
Osborn Cope and Drag machines which hold flask sizes of 16” x 16” to 30” x 30”.



Airset Molding

Airset molding, also referred to as “No Bake”,  is one of the most efficient and advanced sand casting molding techniques available. It offers dimensional stability and a clean surface finish. This molding line is  used for large castings and castings with highly complex geometry.   No Bake is a  bonding process using dry sand mixed with a 3 part Phenolic Urethane Resin binder. The sand mixture sets hard in a short time and the mold can be removed from the pattern in less time. 
Our large floor (airset) line will hold flask sizes ranging from 24” x 24” to 120” x 120”. 



Sand for Producing Molds

The key to every good green sand casting and airset casting is using a high quality sand. Sawbrook Steel is strictly a sand casting foundry and we acknowledge how imperative it is that we have clean, bondable sand. Strict control is kept on our sand systems and extensive testing is done to maintain consistency. Sawbrook Steel offers two types of sand molding, green sand casting and No Bake molding. Sawbrook takes extreme care in the making of cores and molds to assure good surface finish and correct dimensional control. Cleanliness, proper dryness, permeability  and hardiness of the cores and molds are carefully monitored, 

Sawbrook offers in-house core making. We take great care of our cores to assure the best surface finish and dimensional control.  Our core room and subcontractors have the capability to create oil sand, green sand, shell and no bake cores to match the particular needs of any casting in any process.  A Core is a sand shape inserted into the mold to produce the internal features of the part. Most common uses of a core is to make interior passageways or lighteners in castings.  Cores enable us to offer creative solutions to the most challenging casting design.