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Steel Casting Company: A Rich Tradition of Serving the Steel Industry

Steel Casting Company

For more than 90+ years, Sawbrook Steel Castings Company, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been providing customers with high quality steel castings for numerous markets and industries. With many years of expertise, Sawbrook Steel Castings Company has been a leader in the production of low carbon, low alloy steel castings. 

Our facility covers 10 acres of land with 100,000 square feet of production space and 300 + tons of monthly production capacity and is a steel casting company capable of producing steel castings ranging 1 lb. Up to 10,000 pounds of net casting weight. Our molding lines allow us to run high volume or very low volume production runs. We have built a reputation for ourselves in supplying consistent, high quality steel castings delivered on time. 

Sawbrook Steel Castings Company was incorporated in 1923 to fill the need of the industrial market for gears, pinions and wheels. During World War II, the facility worked to meet the requirements for the US Navy. The business changed hands in 1973 to its current ownership and has since expanded it capabilities to serve multiple industries and varieties of steel castings. During this time the Sawbrook Steel Castings Company has added its West Virginia facility, Advantage Precision Products, which does fabrication, machining and assembly and it's aluminum facility, Cushman Foundry. 

At Sawbrook Steel Castings Company we are committed to producing the highest quality steel castings at the most economical price. Our quality and managerial staff each has decades of steel castings company experience. We would be proud to show you around. Please stop by for a visit and discover the Sawbrook Steel Castings Company Advantage of experienced leadership and time-proven performance. 

Steel Castings Company Quality and Reliability for America's Largest Manufacturers 

  • Hoist and Industrial Cranes
  • Power Cranes, Shovels, Drag-lines, Off-Road/Highway Equipment and Replacement Parts
  • Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment
  • Specialized Mining Machines Equipment and Repair Parts
  • Specialized Railroad Applications
  • Machine Tools
  • Oil Field Machinery and Equipment
  • Crushing and Pulverizing Equipment
  • Valves
  • Presses
  • Gear Industry
  • Infrastructure
  • Heavy Equipment 
  • Earth Excavating
  • Marine/Ship/Barge Building Equipment
  • Alternative Energy Industry