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Quality Steel Castings Foundry and a Commitment to Surpassing Customer Expectations

Steel Casting Foundry

Quality is the key to a successful steel casting foundry business and the Sawbrook Steel Castings Company is committed to excellence and meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. By partnering with our steel casting foundry, you will benefit from the many years of experience and capabilities of an industry leader. Our 90 + years in the steel casting foundry business and stable, senior staff has allowed us to become experts in the field and  provide our customers with a sustainable steel casting foundry for their future. Our team will work hard to meet all of our customers requirements and produce the castings you need and castings that meet or exceed our customers expectations. 


From the moment a quote request or purchase order is received, the Sawbrook Steel Castings team of dedicated professionals will work with the customers design engineers to help create a plan that will deliver a well-engineered, product that has good functionality,  repeat-ability and in turn add value for those customers castings. We offer our customers manufacturing solutions to meet or exceed their goals.

For instance, a service the Sawbrook Steel Castings Co. offers to our customers, when the specification is required, is solidification modeling. Solidification modeling can help detect quality issues before pattern building or pouring castings. Solidification modeling will pinpoint areas of excessive shrinkage or porosity, allowing our engineering team to determine placement of risers for feed material to assure defects are alleviated. This process enables our steel casting foundry to design casting patterns and reduce defects and scrap rate. Solidification models today include predictions of fluid flow during mold filling, casting distortion, mold–metal interface reactions and cast structure.

ISO Certification 

It is the Sawbrook Steel Castings Company's job to ensure quality steel casting foundry standards are met, maintained and to offer a consistent level of delivery of high quality steel castings. As a tool to meet these standards, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified steel casting foundry, who utilizes a (QP) quality plan to continually review and adapt our processes to assure comprehensive quality control with every casting that we produce. Tight control and continually reviewing our production process for  improvement will ensure delivery of quality and value to our customers. We do regular audits of our all departments to ensure we are in compliance with all written procedures. The customer's individual part router is also audited to ensure all new information and specifications are up to date and correct. 

The techniques our steel castings foundry uses in our quality plan are manufacturing troubleshooting, test plan development, product and process improvement, root cause analysis, corrective action and continuous improvement. The Sawbrook Steel Castings Company does not overlook its responsibility to provide a quality product from our steel casting foundry. 

At Sawbrook we are committed to producing the highest quality steel castings from our steel casting foundry at the most economical price. For experienced leadership and time-proven performance, Discover the Sawbrook Steel Casting Advantage.

Download our ISO Certification here.